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A private room perfect for parties, business meetings, networking events, educational seminars, brewery tasting events and more.  Accomodates up to 50 people.  Call for availability.

Buffet Options



Food Pkg 1 - $14.00/head includes barbecue meatballs, chicken nuggets with Buffalo-style dipping sauces and cheese board.


Food Pkg 2 - $18.00/head includes italian sausage sliders, pizza  (cheese & Pepperoni) and cheese board.

Food Pkg 3 - $22.00/head includes pulled pork sandwiches on local bakery rolls, pizza (cheese & pepperoni)

and cheese board.

Veggie Tray can be added for $4.00/head

Fresh Veggie Wraps can be added for an additional $6.00/head

Minimum 15 people

Event Room Rental - 

            Monday - Saturday $150.00    

            Sunday - $200.00 




 20% gratuity added 


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