Items in green available 

For takeout call 407-3466 



Bavarian Pretzel Stix - Three buttery warm pretzels with our signature mustard sauces.

                                   They go great with any craft beer!   $8.50


Beer Cheese Bread - One slice of freshly baked, warm homemade beer cheese bread.  $2.50     

Murphy Brown's Beer Cheese - Homemade & delicious!  Served w/warm pretzel bites.  $9.50


Chicken Wing Dip - Our new addition!  Also, homemade!  Served with tortilla chips.  $9.95  


Sidewinders - Beer battered baked fries with a twist!  Served with two of our special sauces:                         zesty orange and sweet bourbon mustard.   $9.00    

Crab Bites - Mini crab bites served with our special sriracha sauce.  $10.95   


Hummus - Roasted Red Pepper, served with warm flatbread.  Try it with a Stout!  $10.00


Caprese Salad - Fresh mozarella, tomatoes and fresh basil topped with a balsamic glaze...$9.95

Cheese Board - A mix of cheese, gluten-free crackers and deli meat.  Wine enthusiasts are not

                          forgotten.  Perfect with a Chardonnay!  $16.00


Italian Sausage - Perfectly spiced link served on a fresh pretzel roll with peppers and onions.

                           Served with chips.  Goes great with an Amber!     $9.95

Fresh Smoked Polish Sausage - Served on a warm pretzel roll.  Enjoy this with a side of

                                                   mustard and sauerkraut - It may just require a pilsner!   $9.95

Smoked Bratwurst - Our smoked bratwurst & cheese link served on a pretzel roll topped with

                               sauerkraut.  German potato salad on the side.  $12.00

Bbq Pulled Pork Sandwich - Pulled pork on a fresh Costanzo roll, served with chips.  $12.95


Grilled Burger - Juicy angus burger on a pretzel roll served with lettuce and tomato.  Why not

                         an amber?  $10.50    Make it a double-burger!  $14.50      

                        Add cheddar for $1

Bleu Burger - Melted bleu cheese on a juicy angus burger, served on a warm pretzel roll with

                      lettuce and tomato.  Chips on the side.   $12.00


Murphy Brown Burger -  Melted mozarella cheese on a juicy angus burger, topped with fried onions.  

                                       Potato salad on the side.   $12.50


Turkey Burger  - Homemade and NOT your average turkey burger.  This burger bursts with flavor!                                  An IPA goes nice!  Served with chips on the side.  $12.00   

Fiesta Burger - Salsa and mixed cheeses on a juicy angus burger, topped with fresh cilantro,

                        served on a pretzel roll.  Chips on the side.  $12.00   

Chicken Wings (Air Fried)

House Chicken Wings - A healthier 'air fried' chicken wing with our special seasoning,

                                      finished with a honey/lemon/pepper drizzle.  Also, gluten free...a must try!

                                      8 wings w/bleu cheese & celery   $12.50    


Jamaican Jerk Wings -  New on the menu!  12 ingredients make up the 

                                    seasoning for these 'air fried' wings, giving them their unique and savory

                                    flavor.  $12.50     

Memphis Style Wings - Our dry rub gives these wings an earthy, spicy and herbal flavor.  

                                     Then brushed w/our special Memphis bbq sauce.  $13.25   

Bourbon Style Wings - Sweet & Tangy southern style flavor.  $13.25   


Personal Flatbread Pizzas:    (Now available in 12 inch round)                      


Margherita Pizza - This personal flatbread pizza comes with fresh mozerella, tomato

                              and a hint of garlic and basil.  It's sure to be the cheese lover's delight!

                              Paired great with an IPA!   $11.00        12 inch round $22.95


Chicken Fajita Pizza - A zesty personal flatbread pizza with salsa, mixed cheeses

                                   and seasoned chicken.  Topped with fresh cilantro for an authentic

                                   taste.  Try it with any Pale Ale!   $12.50      12 inch round $24.95


Bratwurst Pizza - This personal flatbread pizza has diced, smokey bratwurst, sauerkraut, our

                           special bourbon sauce and shredded cheddar and mixed cheeses.  Perfect 

                           with a Stout!   $12.50      12 inch round $24.95

Chicken Wing Pizza - "Yancey's Fancy" famous Buffalo wing cheese helped create this medium

                                  hot delight.  Crumbly bleu and bleu cheese dressing are included for a

                                  'wing-like' pizza experience   $12.50      12 inch round $24.95

Bbq Chicken Pizza - Sweet, smoky bbq sauce, diced chicken covered with mixed

                                cheeses.  Pair it with a pale ale!  $12.50       12 inch round $24.95

White Pizza Garlic oil, fresh mozzarella, hot banana peppers, tomatoes and feta cheese...$12.50 

                     12 inch round $24.95


Kielbasa Plate - Fresh & smoked Kielbasa served with potato salad.  $11.95

P olish Plate  - Two Pierogi (cheese & kraut) fresh and smoked Kielbasa, potato salad and

                    mizeria (cucumber salad) on the side.  $15.95

German Plate - One bockwurst link, one smoked bratwurst & cheese link on a bed of sauerkraut with

                        German potato salad on the side.   $12.95